PLAZMASK® 527-2008
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Patent No. US 11,772,929 B1

The U-Masker® is a simple and efficient industrial-grade hand tool designed for dispensing PLAZMASK® Pre-Taped Masking Film, eliminating the typical problems of the film becoming tangled with the adhesive tape strip. Mask up to 10x faster with the U-Masker. 


Patented, lightweight ergonomic design allows you to balance and position the roll, keeping one hand free to guide and press the adhesive tape in place. 

Adjustable setscrew locking hub accommodates various length rolls. Two U-Masker sizes available.

      Product usage

      The U-Masker-8 is best suited for PLAZMASK Pre-Taped Masking Film sizes:

      • 2 ft x 65 ft
      • 3 ft x 65 ft

      • 4 ft x 65 ft
      • 5 ft x 65 ft
      • 6 ft x 65 ft
      • 9 ft x 65 ft
      • 12 ft x 65 ft
      • All Heavy Duty Pre-Taped Masking Film

      Customer Reviews

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      John Jones
      Excellent product we have been needing something like this for years

      We have been doing bodywork for over 30 years excellent product we have been needing something like this for years

      Paul Moquin

      Plazmask is a great solution for applying poly to protect your project. It is now better with a U-Masker. We received our U-masker a couple of months ago and wanted to give it some good field use before writing a review. Using the U-masker speeds up the process of applying masking at least ten-fold on our projects. The roll sits on a bearing so the roll feeds very smoothly even at a walking pace. We used to just hold the roll in one hand and and untwist it a foot at a time while pressing on the tape. Now it is one continuous motion from end to end. If you haven't tried one yet, put it in your cart. You won't regret it.