A wide shot of a living room with all furniture and doorways covered in masking film to protect from paint and debris during renovations. Two ladders can be seen in the background. 2 White boxes of Plazmask plastic sheeting and 2 white boxes of Plazmask masking film can be seen scattered through the room.

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Standard Pre-Taped Masking Film

Standard Pre-Taped Masking Film

PLAZMASK® 527-0856
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The patent pending 8 inch U-Masker is shown with a roll of PlazMask loaded on the application end. The U-Masker is a black U-shaped tool with a handle that helps to easily apply PlazMask masking film.
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What PLAZMASK® users are saying...

We use these everywhere. A must when painting a kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else you don’t want paint splatter or dust on. We recently had our wood floors refinished and used this to seal off the area so dust wouldn’t get to the rest of the house. Great when sanding drywall too.

I purchased this product to mask off windows and doors to spray paint in new construction. I used it directly on the vinyl window frames for the most part. Masked onto clean drywall around doors. The product went on easily, held up well even though I sprayed right up against it. It also came off well and was much less waste than some of the heavier products out there. Very pleased and will make this my new go to for all masking

I cannot express how much time and effort this product saved me. We bought a brand new house and every room was the same color. I used this on the top of the baseboards and it did double duty. It kept the flooring paint free, but it also gave the cleanest and sharpest lines along the bottom of the wall without pulling any paint or finish off. This is worth every penny.

I have used this to sand down the walls in my bathroom to re-plaster the walls (make walls flat). This item has an adhesive strip that clings to the walls tightly, but does come off without damaging wall. With this product I blocked in an area around the tub to confine the sanding dust and other materials the sanding removed from the walls from getting to other areas of the bathroom. I was installing new tile. I have three rolls of this and will use again.

The tape itself is great very sticky and leaves almost no residue. I used this to mask off my old mustang to paint. It’s cheap and one roll can basically mask off a whole car. I was able to mask all the glass, door jambs and engine bay with 1 roll.

Amazing, this stuff is so worth it and I wish I had always used it! It’s absolutely essential to any project where you need to cover something. As a DIYer this is something you want to have on hand. I used it to cover my bottom cupboards as a I poured epoxy over my installed countertops. It worked great!

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